Scott Stanchfield - Resume

Rockville, Maryland

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Education 1994

Master of Science, Computer Science

The Johns Hopkins University


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

The University of Michigan

Computer Skills
PC, HP 9000/700, Sun Sparc, RISC 6000, IBM 3090, Amiga, PS/2, Macintosh, Apple II
Operating Systems
Windows, HPUX, SunOS/Solaris, Linux, AIX, MVS/XA, VM/ESA, AmigaDOS, MS-DOS, OS/2
Java, JavaServer Pages (JSP), Groovy, XML, HTML, C++, C, Ada, SQL, Perl, Visual Basic, PL/1, ASM/370, Rexx, Clist, BASIC, LISP, JCL, csh, ksh, awk
ANT, ANTXR, ANTLR/PCCTS, lex, yacc, X, DB2, Purify, McCabe Toolset, Subversion, CVS, SCCS, RCS, Perforce, SCLM, ISPF
Java IDEs
Eclipse, WebSphere Studio, VisualAge for Java, Fort for Java, Visual Cafe for Java, JBuilder, NetBeans
Java Web and Application Servers
Sun Glassfish, Apache Geronimo, IBM WebSphere, Apache Tomcat, BEA WebLogic
Design Patterns, OSGi, Java Annotation Processing, Eclipse Plug-in Development, Event-Driven GUI Design, JavaBean Components, Compiler Theory and Design, Java Server-Side Programming (Servlets, JavaServer Pages, Enterprise JavaBeans), User Interface Design, Portability Issues, UML, Database Application Design, Configuration Management Tools/Procedure Design
Employment History



Principal Engineer - Hillcrest Laboratories, Inc.

Rockville, MD

Architect and develop meta-data server for Kodak Theatre HD Player and future set-top boxes.

  • Client/Server data access query language
  • Content provider data loading via XML
  • Query abstraction layer for client data access
  • Build and installation system
  • Eclipse plug-ins for development and build



Instructor - The Johns Hopkins University

Rockville, MD / McLean, VA

Teach Masters degree program classes on:

  • Design Patterns
  • Java Web Development
  • XML Technology



Software & Systems Engineer - FGM, Inc

Dulles, VA

Architected and developed defense systems software for Global Combat Support System (GCSS).

  • Logistics query abstraction and aggregation
  • Data and query tagging to allow navigation/drill-down
  • Semantic "questions" capability allowing more natural data access



Software Engineer - WeGo Systems

Redwood City, CA (office in Bethesda, MD)

Would have been responsible for future development of portal software.

Note: Laid off after two weeks due to funding problems.



Senior Training Consultant - Tier Technology Training

Chicago, IL

Developed and taught curriculum of classes on the Java language (basics through server-side development), Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, VisualAge for Java and WebSphere.

  • Specialized in Server-Side Java Programming
    • Servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)
    • Web Application Architecture
    • N-Tier applications
    • Model-View-Controller application to JSP
    • Abstracting data management for easy maintenance
    • Taught using WebSphere, WebLogic and Tomcat
  • Stressed importance of design patterns for maintenance
  • Mentored many students in web application design during and after class
  • Developed team project (sample e-commerce web application) for web development boot camps



FAQ Manager -

(Java Web Portal)

Managed VisualAge for Java, Swing and AWT Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) lists, approving and answering questions.



Senior Technical Consultant - DPT Consulting Services, Inc.

Philadelphia, PA

Developed and taught corporate-training courses on:

  • Java Servlets.
  • JavaServer Pages.
  • Enterprise JavaBeans.

Note: Resigned due to incompatible business styles (details on request) 



Instructor - Montgomery College

Rockville, MD

Taught six-week Introductory Java for Non-Programmers class.
(Asked to fill in for single class due to scheduling problems.)



Software Guru - MageLang Institute /

Santa Cruz, CA / Germantown, MD

Developed and taught Java courses, wrote articles on Java and researched new advancements in the Java language.

  • Taught Java courses in the US, Australia, Germany, England and Canada
  • Developed course material for
    • Porting from OS/2 to Java (using VisualAge for Java)
    • IBM VisualAge for Java (introductory and advanced courses)
    • Effective use of layout managers
    • Java Servlets
    • Java Input and Output
    • Swing
    • Introduction to the Model-View-Controller paradigm
  • Wrote several articles on Java-related technologies (see publications list)
  • Managed VisualAge for Java, AWT, and Swing FAQs at



Compiler Engineer II - MetaWare Incorporated

Santa Cruz, CA

Maintained and developed new functionality for C++ compiler and assemblers.

  • Responsible for maintenance of C++ compiler
  • Delegate to ANSI C++ standardization committee
  • Created assemblers for PicoJava and ARC chips
  • Led IDE design group on new IDE design.



Senior Programmer/Analyst, Research - McCabe & Associates

Columbia, MD

Developed parsers to import source code into graphical analysis tool.

  • Wrote Pascal and Visual Basic parsers in C using lex and yacc, targeting HPUX, SunOS/Solaris, Irix, VMS/OpenVMS and Windows.
  • Created PCCTS-based prototype for future parsers.
  • Created several tools to assist yacc development, including
    • grammar analyzer/pre-processor for yacc
    • yacc source pretty-printer
    • grammar test-coverage analyzer
    • rule-based debugging methodology
  • Reengineered Pascal source parser to instrument user source code, allowing capture of multitasking trace/coverage information
  • Consulted at client sites to ease installation of McCabe Toolset
  • Wrote several scripts to tighten configuration management when using SCCS



Staff Programmer - IBM Federal Systems

Rockville MD

Designed and developed configuration management tools to support development of the FAA Advanced Automation System.

  • Developed configuration management tools for CSP (a 4GL version of COBOL)
  • Redesigned build system for all project code resulting in build-time decrease from an estimated two years to under two days
  • Designed and implemented a hypertext help generator that parses and translates a Bookmaster (an SGML dtd) document into a series of linked help panels
  • Developed an interactive, on-line survey system

(Note: IBM Federal Systems was sold to Loral in Spring 1994)



Intern Programmer - IBM Federal Systems

Rockville MD

Developed initial configuration management system for the FAA Advanced Automation System.



Computer Monitor/Hill-Area Technician - University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI

Managed dormitory computer room, assisting students with word processing and programming assignments.

Provided technical support for resident advisors' Macintosh computers.



Computer Instructor - Midwest Computer Camp

Indianapolis, IN

Taught "Advanced BASIC" and text-adventure game design to children ages 7-14 on several different personal computers.

  • High School Valedictorian
  • Full Tuition/Board Scholarship to the University of Michigan
  • Acceptance into Honors program at University of Michigan
  • Two "Informal Awards" (cash awards of $1000 each) for programming achievements at IBM
  • IBM Quality Award for development of user survey system